TMA2/BIO411 – Parasitology

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BIO411 – Parasitology
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 Parasitism was coined from two words;
2 The degree of the effect of a parasite depends on the following except
3 A parasite is
4 Parasite may be categorized based on the following except
5 A parasite may be any of the following except
6 What is a host in a parasitic association?
7 Which of the following does not define a type of host?
8 Which of the following type of host does not stay in the host as a juvenile?
9 Parasites may locate their host directly or indirectly and then establish a relationship that is determined by
10 Host specificity is ___
11 Depending on host spectrum, parasites may be classified as
12 How do parasites differ in host specificity?
13 What does the host range influence in case of human parasites?
14 What is the main difference between supra-specifc and infra-specific conditions?
15 What emission by hosts play vital roles in the infective stages locating its host?
16 Host specificity is in a state of constant flux and is a product of evolution. It may be lost in the course of ___
17 ____ is defined as the reciprocal adaptive genetic change of two antagonists through reciprocal selective pressures.
18 Heirlooms are __, while sourvenirs are ___
19 Host resistance refers to ___
20 Innate or natural immunity is referred to as ___
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