TMA2/BIO403 – Population Genetics

TMA Quiz Questions
BIO403 – Population Genetics
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 ___Is altimately the source of allnew genetic variation
2 Which of the following is not true of mutation?
3 When a population is large, randomily mating and free from mutation, migration, and natural selection,____ occurs
4 The chisquare test gives us the probability that the difference between what we observed and what we expect under the Hardy Weinberg is due to ___
5 The observed numbers of different genotypes may not be exactly the same as what is expected in a Hardy weinberg population as aresult of ____
6 In males, the genotypic frequencies will be same as those of the ____ in the population
7 In females, the Hardyweinberg frequencies are same as those of ___ loci
8 Recessive x-linked traits are more frequent among___
9 If the alleles are sex-linked, equillibrum frequencies are approached in ____generations
10 How long does it take genotypic frequency to attain equillibrum when random mating occurs within a population
11 At equillibrum the expected frequency of colour blind males in African Americans is ______
12 Which of the following is not x linked trait?
13 Males are said to be ____ for sex linked traits
14 Which of the following best describe sexlinked traits?
15 Which of the following is an important consequencies of having many alleles at a locus
16 Which of the following phenotypes is the universal reciepient in the ABO blood group system?
17 Suppose that in apopulation of 100,000 people carrying the recessive allele a foralbinism, there are 100 aa albinos and 1800 Aa hetrozygous carriers, How many of the hetrozygous carriers will be in the next generation?
18 The conditions to attainHardy Weinberg equillibrum are possible
19 There are Hardy weinberg populations in the real world
20 Which of the following happens in a population where the conditions for Hardy weinberg’s laws are met? I Allelic frequencies do not change change from generation to generation II Gneotipic frequencies stabilize after one generation III Allelic and genotypic frequencies remain constant
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