TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=7.00
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 The functions of the holocarpic somatic structures of primitive Chytrids include
2 The mycelium of the primitive chytrids is best described as
3 The structure that separates the sporogonium from thallus is
4 Chytrids fungi mode of reproduction by all except
5 Which of the following is out of the sequence of asexual reproduction of Chytrids fungi?
6 Planogametic copulation can best be defined as
7 Gamentagial fusion of two gametes produce a zygote called
8 The sequence of activities that best describes Somatogamy is
9 Oomycetes are characterized as
10 Oomycetes can best be prospected from which of the following habitat
11 Two modes of live are associated with the Oomycetes include
12 Some species of Oomycetes are important in fisheries industry
13 Some species of Oomycetes are not important in agriculture
14 In Zygomycetes the plus (+) and minus (-) signs used because of
15 A common example of Zygomycetes is
16 How many species of Saccharomyces are recorded?
17 The Saccharomyces are mostly used in the industries
18 Asexual reproduction in Saccharomyces is achieved by
19 The Saccharomycetes are synonymous with
20 Basidiomycetes fungi are also called
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