TMA2/BIO307 – Evolution

TMA Quiz Questions
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BIO307 – Evolution
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 Who showed that the continous variation measured by the biometrician could be produced by combination of action of many discrete genes and natural selection?
2 Evolution occurs when there are changes in the_____ frequencies of thepopulation
3 Several alternative forms of a gene in a population accounts for variations between the ___ of the orghanisms
4 The ield of population genetics come into light as aresult of the work of the following scientists except:
5 Which of the following is not anevolutionary outcome?
6 The crossbreeding of two related species to produce a new hybrid species is a type of ____ speciation
7 Which of the following is not a type of mutation by inheritance?
8 Which of the following is not an example of large scale mutation?
9 The foolowing are the causes of spontaeous mutation except:
10 Whose discoveries allow certain assumptions to be made regarding the origin of reproductive isolation mechanisms in nature
11 In plants, hybrids often suffer from an autoimmune syndrome known as hybrid ____
12 Which of the following will make the hybrid of two population with different numbers of chromosomes to experience a certain loss of fertility?
13 An example of chromosomal changes causing sterility comes from the study____ I drossophila melanogaster, II Drosophila nasuta III Drosophilaalbomicans
14 Post- copulatory isolation can arise between chromosomally different population due to ____ I Duplication II Translocation III Deletion IV Inversion
15 What type of hybrid are produced in species where pre -copulatory reproductive isolation do not exist?
16 The development of a zygote into an adult is a complex and delicate process of interactions between I Genes II Chromosomes III Environment
17 Which of the following is /are hybrids resulting from a cross between a Horse an an Ass? I Mares II Mules III Hinnies
18 In angiosperms the successful development of the embryo depends on the normal function of its ___
19 Mechanical isolation is related to which of the following? I Selection II Adaptation III Coeveolution
20 Sexual isolation between two species can be ____

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