TMA2/BIO305 – Molecular Biology

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BIO305 – Molecular Biology
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 The genetic code stored in DNA in form of nucleotide sequence is interpreted by _____
2 Gene expression is the fundamental level at which genotypes gives rise to the ____
3 The following are the functions of genetic materials except:
4 Which of the following is the largest type of RNA?
5 Which of the followings are the most aboundant type of RNA?
6 The followings are types of RNA except?
7 Which of the following nitrogenous base is not found in DNA?
8 DNA is a polymer of _____
9 Which of the following nitrogenous base is not present in RNA?
10 Which of the following is are componenets of a nucleoside? I A pentose sugar II A Nitrogen base III A phosphotase group
11 Which of the following are types of nucleic acid? I DNA IIATP III RNA
12 How many subunits does a nucleotode consists?
13 Which of the following is not true of nucleic acids?
14 A condition in which person inherits three copies of chromosomes 21 is referd to as ____
15 Which of the following is not an outcome of physical and chemical meiosis?
16 In humans, chromosomes are numbered according to their ____
17 Who amongst the following determines the sex of a baby in man?
18 The non identical pair of chromosomes found in mammals and birds are called the ______
19 During fertilization the gametes unite to form a cell known as a
20 Gametes have ______ number of chromosomes
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