TMA2/BIO301 – Genetics 2

TMA Quiz Questions
BIO301 – Genetics 2
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 Microbial genetics is in which of the following subject areas? I. microbiology, II. molecular biology, III. genetic engineering.
2 Who determines the sex of a child in humans?
3 Which of the following types of rays is not considered as a cause of mutation?
4 Which of the following characteristics has both an inherited as well as environmental basis?
5 Which of the following characteristics can a child inherit from his/her parents?
6 Whichof the following human characteristics does not show continuous variation?
7 Which of the following is not a coponeney of a nucleotide?
8 A situation in which a female has only a single X chromosome is known as __.
9 A disorder in an individual who has an extra chromosme 21 is known as __.
10 In which of the folliwing areas are aneuploids useful? I. crop improvement, II. genetic studies, III. medicinal.
11 Which of the following is not an aneuploid condition?
12 Effects of polyploidy is seen in the following aspects except:
13 Which of the following is not a natural allopolyploid crop?
14 An allopolyploid which arise by combining genomes of two different species is known as __.
15 Which of the following is not a characteristic feature of haploid plants?
16 In which of the folliwing are their products sterile?
17 Chromosomal aberration can be due to which of the following? I. structural changes, II. numerical changes, III. allelic changes
18 Which of the following factors does not affect Hardy-Weinberg principle?
19 Accordint to Hardy-Weinberg principles, in a single generation of random mating,the genotypic frequencies can be predicted from the__.
20 __ focused on the effects of inbreeding on small, relatively isolated population that exhibited genetic drift.
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