TMA2/BIO192 – General Biology Practical II

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=10.00
BIO192 – General Biology Practical II
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 Protists are found anywhere there is
2 Protists are classified into
3 Which of the following is not a division of the protozoans?
4 Amoeba belongs to which of these divisions of Protozoans?
5 Which of the following is an example of the division Ciliophora?
6 Which of these organism is referred to as “slipper animalcle”
7 Based on their habitat, archaebacteria live in extreme environmental condition such as
8 Which of these is true?
9 A membrane covering that protects the paramecium is called —–
10 A hair like appendages that help the paramecium move food into the oral groove is called ———–
11 In paramecium, waste disposal is carried out through the ——-
12 Which of the following is not a division of the algal protists?
13 Which of these organism has flagella on its anterior end?
14 Euglena have a light-sensitive ——— or stigma near their anterior ends which senses the light level in the environment
15 In the absence of light, euglena can obtain nutrition by a process called ——–
16 The division chlorophyta are reffered to as the ———– algae
17 It is a filamentous alga. Its cells form long, thin strands that, in vast numbers, contribute to the familiar green, slimy ‘blanket weed’ in ponds. This description best fits which of these organisms?
18 The division rhodophyta are reffered to as the ———– algae
19 Slime mold is an example of which of these types of protists?
20 Slime molds are often brightly-colored in
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