TMA2/BIO191 – General Practical Biology I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=8.00
BIO191 – General Practical Biology I
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 An aspirator is a device used for collection of…………….
2 An aspirator has…………tubes
3 The Pteridophytes are ————— producing vascular plants
4 The Transverse Section (TS) of the stem of water leaf is made in the lab using
5 Used culture plates are better sterilized in the laboratory using———–
6 Dissecting trays contain——————-
7 The culture of microorganisms is best done in the laboratory using
8 The operational range of temperature in an incubator is between —————
9 In the operation of an autoclave when the discharge outlet valve is closed, —————- minutes are needed for sterilisation?
10 The labels of stock solutions in the laboratory should contain all except one of these information
11 To display general instructions in the laboratory, which of the following factors should be least considered?
12 In the laboratory disposal of spent materials are done on ————–
13 Which of these items of the laboratory is out of place in the group?
14 Which of the following equipment utilizes steam for sterilization?
15 Which of these is not a glassware?
16 One of the following is not a laboratory equipment
17 Which of the following items is out of place in the report of your experiments
18 When you make a cut on a fruit from top to bottom along its length, it is also called
19 Magnification of biological drawing is ——————
20 Which of these statements is correct about biological drawings?
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