TMA2/BIO101 – General Biology 1

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=8.50
BIO101 – General Biology 1
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 A young undeveloped shoot consisting of a very short stem and tender leaves is best refered to as a
2 Stems above the ground are called ——- stem
3 Leaves and Branches develops from the
4 The stem develops from
5 The stem bears all but one of the following
6 Which of the following is not a modified root?
7 Which of these is not a characteristic of the root
8 The tip of the root has a covering called
9 The root of a monocotyledonous plant is ——– in nature
10 The part of the flowering plant that is below the soil is called
11 Which of these is not classified as algae?
12 Which of these is not a green algae?
13 Algae can best be classified as ——- organism
14 Algae have undifferentiated body called
15 Algae belong to which of these groups of organism?
16 The study of fungi is refered to as
17 Which of these organism is not an example of fungi?
18 Which of these is true about cell division in fungi? Cell division is by
19 Fungi can be said to be mainly ——- organism
20 Fungi belong to which of these groups?

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