TMA1/SED413 – Science, Technology and Society

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=8.50
SED413 – Science, Technology and Society
Dr Afolabi S.S ( )
1 science as an intellectual acitivity carried out by human that are designed to discover information about the natural world in which humans live and to discover the ways in which this information can be organized into meaningful patterns. Whose view about science is this?
2 Which of these is embedded in science, technology and society
3 Science, technology and society is a study rooted first in __
4 ___ is a human enterprise with a social dimension carrieed out by a group of practitioners with certain attitude, values and disposition.
5 Which of these should not be the attitude of a sientist?
6 Science is: I) tentative II) authoritarian III) contingent
7 Which of these are science process?
8 Technology: I) is application of scientific results II) make use of scientific knowledge III) is used to develop tools and equipment
9 Technology dates back to ___
10 Which of these is/are product of technology? I) aircraft II) tools III) Grinding stone
11 Transfer of technology include: I) skills II) knowledge III) techniques
12 A scientist must be I) rational II) objective III) humble
13 The society has
14 A social insytitution is a social arrangement that directs or channels ehaviours in prescibed ways in important areas of social life. This is the idea of ___
15 Which of these is a social institution? I) medicine II) polity III) science
16 The act of promoting health through organised efforts and informed choices of society is called ___
17 ___ is an applied science that deals with application of science, technology and engineering
18 Which of these is not a communicable disease?
19 Which of these could be vector of communicable diseases?
20 A communicable disease can be transmitted through I) skin II) contaminated food III) air

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