TMA1/MAC246 – Educational Broadcasting

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
MAC246 – Educational Broadcasting
Miss Ndukwe Grace ( )
1 The transmission of information through radio waves from a radio or television station, to the audience in far and near places, through their receivers, which help in decoding such information is known as?
2 In today’s world there exist more radio sets than televisions. This statement is?
3 The radio can talk back to its listeners through which medium?
4 Because a scheduled programme can be dropped at short notice and replaced with something more topical or urgent, it is said to be?
5 The television blends pictures with?
6 Broadcasting started in Nigeria as?
7 Radio distribution service is also known as?
8 The success of the RDS led to the establishhment of?
9 Which radio station was seen as the mouth piece of the colonial government?
10 After independence, television stations were used as?
11 Media in Nigeria was deregulated in what year?
12 Broadcasting performs?
13 What us vital in order for societies to exist?
14 The person who is the genesis of the exchange of ideas is known as?
15 When the sender’s mind is in an unfavourable state of mind it is called?
16 Which is a careful way of introducing a programme to an intended audience?
17 What determines how the audience understands a message passed?
18 During a broadcast presentation, setting the mood rests on who?
19 To set the right mood, you either introduce a joke or?
20 Television presentation is similar to?
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