TMA1/MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.00
MAC242 – Foundations of Broadcasting
Miss Ndukwe Grace ( )
1 In terms of availability, which medium is mass communication’s leading medium?
2 Radio appeals both to the ear and?
3 For effective programming one of the following techniques communication should be taken into account
4 In Africa, Radio has been seen as?
5 According to Budd hall in 1981, communication should be in how many processes?
6 Every television programme deserves w well written?
7 Writing for television entails writing for the?
8 Television writing is usally written in what style?
9 What medium of communication can be used for interactive communication?
10 Technological impact is determined by?
11 Dissemination of information is fastest via which medium?
12 What type of transmission entails continuous signals?
13 Computer data are?
14 Which radio station is still seen as Nigeria’s most powerful social mobilizer?
15 BON was reawakened in what year?
16 The major aim of the FCC was to check radio what?
17 The FCC comprises of how many commissioners?
18 Which Nigerian commission is resposible for issuing licences to intending private telecommunication operators?
19 The NBC was established in what year?
20 The Telex is also known as?

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