TMA1/MAC212 – Media and Society

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
MAC212 – Media and Society
Miss Ndukwe Grace ( )
1 The oldest medium of mass communication is
2 The print media is that which involve all the following except
3 Mass media can be broadly classified into
4 Which of these is a type of communication?
5 Communication can be defined as all of these except
6 ……………………..means that the mass media is to inform and provide information to the society by keeping watch on the activities of government.
7 A function of the mass media as the bestowal of prestige on people is referred to as…….
8 The primary function of the mass media is to……….
9 The broadcast media have the ability to affect humans in all these ways but one:
10 The electronic media technique can be divided into these except one
11 Readers Digest is an example of ………………….
12 One of these is common to both traditional and modern forms of mass communication
13 One of these is not a characteristic of trado-communication system
14 Joint government and private ownership of the media is a joint venture between the government and private businessmen and this is very common in
15 Herbert Altschull cited in Lamidi et al (2008) insisted that an independent press cannot exist because
16 Some people believe that the Nigerian press was borne and nurtured
17 The years between 1800-1949 is known as
18 George Simmel in Daramola (2005:2) defines society
19 ……..are the oldest medium of mass communication
20 Murphy (1977) likens societal impacts of the media to oil, glue and dynamite. As oil, Murphy asserts that
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