TMA1/GST202 – Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolutions

TMA Quiz Questions

GST202 – Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolutions


1 Which of the following generally precipitate conflict ______________

A. crude oil
B. money
C. threat  
D. political interest

2 One of the following will make an individual more accomodating and appreciative of other personality._________

A. friendly enviroment  
B. technologically enhanced education
C. democracy and rule of law
D. regular conferences and workshop

3 One of the listed options does not portray the true meaning of conflict

A. A fight, struggle or battle
B. contention, confrontation or controversy
C. to meet in opposition or at variance
D. to build a cohesive force towards common goal  

4 Conflict has been described as a normal, natural and inevitable phenomenon in any interactive situation of human life. This description can be deascribed as ________

A. true of human existence  
B. not true of human existence
C. a fallacy of the highest order
D. a taboo about human existence

5 The marxian theory of conflict is about ______________

A. Unequal distribution a scarce resources  
B. Democratic principles
C. Disparity in boaderline
D. Ethnicentrism

6 Which of these cause of conflict is related to maslow theory of need

A. Conflict over psychologiacal need  
B. Conflict involving values
C. Conflict over information
D. Conflict over resources

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7 The conflict of “fulfillment progression” is related to the theory of _______________

A. Pavocian theory of conflict
B. Maslow theory of need  
C. Skinner theory of connectionism
D. Thorndike conflict response theory

8 Cold war, terrorism religious conflicts are examples of _____________

A. Conflict over information
B. Conflict involving values  
C. conflict over psychological needs
D. Conflict over resources

9 All these are type of conflict except ______________

A. Inter-personal conflict
B. Intra-group conflict
C. National conflict
D. Inter-continental conflict  

10 Which of these classicication of conflict is most prevalent in africa

A. Ordinary and turmoil
B. Structural and non structural
C. Ethnic and religion  
D. Violent and non violent

11 The philosopher who opined that the degree of inequality in the distribution of resources generate inherent conflict of interest is _____________

A. Max weber
B. Dahredor
C. Karl max  
D. Max turner

12 The proletariats are called _____________

A. Subordinate segment  
B. The capitalist
C. The communist
D. The Aristocrat

13 The theory of emergence of charismatic leader who could moslize the sub-ordinate can be traced to ______________

A. Karl Max
B. Max Weber  
C. Quincy wright
D. Adolph Hitler

14 All the following are possible causes of conflict except _________________

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A. Resources
B. Value
C. Inadequate information
D. equal participation  

15 The term conflict is derived from the latin word_____________

A. confligere  
B. conflicus
C. conflactum
D. conflagum

16 Which of these does not agree with conflict

A. contention
B. confrontation
C. controversy
D. compartibility  

17 Conflict could arise as a result of differences in _________

A. mechanism
B. ideologies  
C. phisiology
D. supplication

18 Which of the following statement best deseribes conflict

A. a by-product of social change  
B. outcome of a social interaction
C. signpost of companionship
D. damocratic dividend

19 The definition of conflict as opposition among social entities directed against one another can be credited to _________

A. Novak
B. Kriesbarg
C. Karl max
D. Quicy wright  

20 Conflict and competition are two point on a continum. Which of these statements is correct

A. Conflict and competition are synonymous
B. Conflict is aggravated competition  
C. Conflict leads to competition
D. there is no relationship between conflict and competition


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