TMA1/ENT421 – Risk Management

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
ENT421 – Risk Management
1 …(1999)termed that risk has a variety of meaning in business and everyday life.
2 What is regarde as naturally inherent in every human activity?
3 … Refers to uncertainty because it is inherently linked to uncertainty or chance of a loss.
4 In business decisionsthe element of future is…in consideration.
5 What is inherently treacherous in business are despised by investors?
6 The higher the risk element in a venture the …will be the return.
7 The nature of risk has informed the rationale for its mitigation because of its…occurence.
8 Under uncertainty predicting the future events and the outcome are…
9 Uncertaity when compared to the element of risk is a…occurence.
10 What involves loss and cost of indivaduals and business entities is?
11 Some business risks are inherent associated with
12 It is worthy of note that…risks can spell enormous consequences.
13 Financial risk is …risk.
14 Example of systematic risk is the following,but…
15 When commiting fund to high risk investment it is…
16 Risk associated with investment of funds in another country with instability is…
17 The type of risk that can arise if a new competitor enters a firm’s industry is…
18 One of these is external risk.
19 …risk is inherent in or specific to the nature of the asset.
20 Strategic risk is one of the …risk.
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