TMA1/ENT417 – Production Management I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=10.00
ENT417 – Production Management I
1 In its strictest term, production is limited to _______.
2 This is not a type of production.
3 Production is made in response to ______.
4 _______ subjects the producer to “peaks and troughs” activities.
5 The making of things by the conversion of materials and/or assembly of components into marketable objects is referred to as _____ .
6 This is not a major consideration of production policy.
7 What category of manpower should handle maintenance of factory equipment?
8 How best can batch production be described?
9 Production, when viewed in a wider perspective, is refered to as _______.
10 This is not a type of maintenance relative to factory equipment.
11 Factors to be considered when selecting plant and equipment are the following except:
12 This is not a type of factory building.
13 General purpose machines are _______.
14 Flow production lays more emphasis on _______.
15 ______ refers to the movement of raw materials, components, finished parts and completed goods within the production stage.
16 The central roles of production in every organization are the followng except:
17 This statement is not true of single-storey building.
18 Site location is influenced by these factors except:
19 Factory location is an important aspect of production that requires careful consideration in order to ensure ______.
20 Why are availability of housing and social facilities considered in siting factories?
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