TMA1/EDU332 – Introduction to Educational Technology

Matric Number: SCORE=9.50
EDU332 – Introduction to Educational Technology
Mr. Adebanjo Adetayo ( )
1 The two major component of Educational technology concept are_________
2 All forms of medial in Educational Technology can be categorise under_____
3 ____ refers to as application of theories and laws/rules in education and related displines for the purpose of improving the quality of education
4 According to Macmillan school Dictionary (2000) “instruction” means
5 The use of instructional materials of all categories to facility learning can also be called ——
6 The book “Orbit Picture” was written by who______
7 A relative permanent change in behaviour as result of experince is____
8 That educational technology is an electic discipline means______
9 In educational technology, the acronym IKOR means______
10 _____the psychologist whose works were instrumental to the modern day educational technology
11 _____are the skills employed in managing trainng, instruction and teaching affairs
12 The use of systematic and scientific procedures in education practice means______
13 The application of theories in education to improve quality isknown as_______
14 In media presentation, charts and cartons belong to____ family
15 In teaching and learning the devices that appeal to the auditory senses are called______
16 For a teacher to make his lesson more effective and interesting he needs to compement its lesson with___
17 A body of knowledge which when used helps in solving problems is called___
18 __is not an example of Audio Media
19 A media that combine both software and correspond hardware to function is called___
20 The stage at which the first Bible was printed in the history of educational technolgy is ___
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