TMA1/CIT102 – Software Application Skill

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=8.50
CIT102 – Software Application Skill
1 A fourth generation computer is recognised for its use of _____________
2 _________ is responsible for the direct and indirect interconnection of computer devices.
3 The device that communicates with computer and intepretes the data on a storage media is called _______
4 In an effort to sort the allowance of staff using a computer, what part of the CPU is responsible for that?
5 The Central Unit part of a Central Processsing Unit operates in what is called the ___________ cycle.
6 A memory of 2 bytes is equivalent to how many bits?
7 ________ is considered as a computer peripheral.
8 Instructions given to the computer to execute are in form of __________.
9 One of these converts computer digital information into what we can understand
10 ________ is a type of computer output device that emits radiation.
11 One of these is considered as a computer standard input unit.
12 Which of these is not a type of printer?
13 __________ is the smallest unit for memory measurement.
14 One of these is not a component of a computer’s CPU
15 _________ is called the worhorse of a computer’s CPU
16 which of these is not a type of computer?
17 The name microcomputer is coined from the fact it is designed to use ________
18 Common storage devices used by the computer are called__________
19 Floppy and CD drives are also known as__________
20 A common keyboard has how many number of keys?
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