TMA1/CHM192 – Introductory Chemistry Practical II

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=8.00
CHM192 – Introductory Chemistry Practical II
Miss Abdul Modupe ( )
1 Which of the following is not a laboratory safety rule?
2 Which piece of laboratory equipment can be used to store chemicals for a long period of time?
3 Which of these is not a correct use of the bunsen burner?
4 Which of the following can cause error during weighing?
5 If you weighed a cold object on the balance, the reading would be _____________.
6 During the same experiment, one must be careful to always use _____________balance.
7 Which of these is not a component of the bunsen burner?
8 If a procedure tells you to “add about 3 g of ammonium sulphate”, which balance would you use?
9 Which of these is more suitable for accurate measurement of mass?
10 Which of these is not a use of the bunsen burner?
11 ____________ is the temperature at which the vapour pressure of a liquid equals atmospheric pressure.
12 If you weighed a hot object on the balance, the reading would be _____________.
13 Solids are usually purified by the method of ____________.
14 Which of these helps you to keep solutions at a constant temperature while stirring?
15 What is the maximum capacity of the analytical balance?
16 What would you use to achieve a constant stirring?
17 What is the product formed when you dehydrate an alcohol?
18 What is the mole fraction of each component if 3.9 g of benzene


is dissolved in 4.6 g of toluene



19 The maximum capacity of the top-loading machine is ____________.
20 ____________ is used to hold flasks and crucibles when they are hot.

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