TMA1/BUS451 – Comparative Management

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=9.50
BUS451 – Comparative Management
Mr Agu Chukwudi Paul ( )
1 Richard Daft ______ saw management as the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner
2 Harry _____ believe strongly that administration and management are not synonymous.
3 Scholar like _______ share the view that management is part of administration
4 Sears _____ who refers organization as a machine for doing the required work.
5 Professor Stead _____ , stated that organization is an agency by which we achieve our goals.
6    The contingency approach was developed by the Aston School in the ____
7   ________ is the study of sound and sound changes in human speech
8 It is clear that the different forces of the ______ perspectives do call for divergent research methods
9 Hofstede, used factor analysis to identify _____ of his dimensions.
10 Hofstede, ______, used factor analysis to identify his dimensions.
11 Job classifications are kept simple and broad in_____ firms
12 _____ manufacturing work systems are characterized by many vertically and horizontally specialized hobs
13 The ____ system prizes a close match between the requirements of a specialized position.
14 Most _____ management does not pay much attention to the issue of recruitment and selection.
15 Intensively used recruitment methods in _____ are references.
16 _____ companies emphasize the application form
17 The leader in the development of management principles is the ______
18   The _____ most common type of management studies has been, and still is, parochial.
19 The _____ most common type is ethnocentric studies.
20 The ______ type, comparative management studies, attempts to identify aspects of organizations which are similar.
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