TMA1/BIO411 – Parasitology

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=9.00
BIO411 – Parasitology
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 Parasitism as an old animal relationship is based on
2 What is parasitology?
3 The following is not a branch of parasitology: ____
4 How does medical parasitology differ from structural parasiology?
5 Why does parasitism often result in adverse effect on hosts of parasites?
6 A risk factor which must occur for a disease situation to arise is known as ___
7 A simple triangle, which shows the unavoidable link between the causative agent and the environment is the ___
8 Define epidemiology
9 Which of the following is not a significant demographic factor in epidemiology?
10 Which of the following is not a key factor in parasitic disease transmission?
11 Which of the following is not true about disability adjustment life years (DALYs) ?
12 A disease may be defined based on prevalence as any of the following except
13 Disease intensity can be estimated based on the following except
14 Which of the following is not correct?
15 Disability Adjustment Life Years (DALYs) is an index which estimates
16 Which of the following is not a homospecific association?
17 Heterospecific association occurs ___
18 Which of the following is NOT correct?
19 Commensalism is an association between two organisms in which
20 Which of the following is not a basic type of heterospecific association?
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