TMA1/BIO408 – Soil Ecology

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number:  SCORE=8.50
BIO408 – Soil Ecology
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 Soil quality determines the following except
2 Soil formation is not controlled by
3 A set of soils whose formation was dominantly influenced by time are referred to as
4 An example of metamorphic rock is ____ while an example of sedimentary rock is ____
5 Precipitation and temperature both affect the rate of processes in soil except
6 The activities of soil flora and fauna potentially enhance the following except
7 Animals that bore tunnels in the soil enhance movement of water and air into soil’s subsurface layers. Which of the following animals cannot be classified among this group of soil borers?
8 Leaching of soil mineral and erosion of surface soil could be slowed down by
9 Soil forming processes take time to show their effects because
10 Slopes generally
11 Rapid loss of soil by erosion is pronounced on
12 Physical disintegration breaks down rock sequentially. Which is the correct sequence in the formation?
13 Physical weathering is brought about by the following except
14 Which of the following is not a factor that governs chemical weathering?
15 Regolith is
16 Soil formation processes do not involve
17 ____ occurs when soil constitutions are chemically or physically modified or destroyed and others are synthesized from the precursor materials
18 Soil taxonomy refers to
19 What is the Ochricepipedon?
20 The sombic horizon is
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