TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=9.50
Dr. Olaniyi Omolara ( )
1 The factor not considered during fungi classification is
2 Which of the following features is not used in fungi classification?
3 What are diplomastigomycotina?
4 What class of fungi is the Basdiomycetes
5 The class of fungi that produce sac-like structures containing spores are
6 Which hyphae is characteristic of Lower Fungi?
7 Which of these best describe zoosporic spores?
8 Fungi classification in Nigeria species is not based on which of the following features?
9 Which Class of Fungi is associated with habitat?
10 Termitomyces robustus is a fungi probably classified on
11 What are the major groups of the higher fungi?
12 Two major groups of fungi recognized based on the following features
13 What class of fungi are Ascomycetes?
14 What are Basidiomycetes fungi?
15 How many classes of Fungi are in the sub-division Eumycotina?
16 What is the major feature of the sub-division Eumycotina?
17 The fruiting body of Basidiomycetes is
18 Trichomyces fungi are important because
19 Which group of higher fungi has diverse fruiting bodies?
20 The asssociation between Lichens and basiodiomycetes is best described as
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