TMA1/BIO307 – Evolution

TMA Quiz Questions
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BIO307 – Evolution
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 Which of the following repalced the morphological species concept?
2 Which of the following is /are seen as been important in neo Darwinian theory of natural selection ? I Mutation II Speciation III Variation
3 The gene flow between distantly related species is a _____ trasnfer.
4 Gene flow between more disatntly related species occur____
5 In some closely relatedspecies, fertile hybrids canresult from ___
6 A set of alleles that is usually inherited in a group is called ___
7 The over all rate of genetic drift is dependent on ____
8 Allelic frequencies can change due to ___
9 Which of the following is not true of natural selection?
10 Natural selection is based on concept of ___
11 The following are facts from which natural selection flow except:
12 The following mechanisms can lead to changes in allele frequencies except:
13 ____ Penned that nothing in biology makes sense ecept in the light of evolution?
14 Who among the following developed the idea of mechanism of natural selection after reading Thomas Maltheus essay Ion the priciples of population ? I Darwin II Russel III Lamarck
15 ____ is considered the father of modern taxonomy
16 ___ Speculated that organisms may come from asingle ancestral source based on similarities between them
17 The theory of evolution by natural selection was formulated by?
18 Which of the following had shaped the existing pattern of biodiversity? I speaciation II Mutation III Extinction
19 Which of the following best describe eveoution?
20 When did life originate on earth?
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