TMA1/BIO305 – Molecular Biology

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: score=9.00
BIO305 – Molecular Biology
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 Organisms that reproduce sexually have __chromosome number.
2 Dogs have a total of __ chromosomes.
3 Which of the following is not true of chromosomes
4 The following are the shapes of chromosomes except:
5 __ postulated the theory of mutations?
6 Who discovered that chromosomes are the carriers of genes?
7 Which of the following best describe a ricon?
8 The smallest genetic unit that can mutate is a __.
9 A portion of DNA specifying a single polypeptide chain is referred to as a __.
10 Which of the following is not true of genes?
11 Who coined the term gene?
12 Why is E. coli particalarly useful for investigations of fundamental aspects of molecular biology? I. their genetic simplicity, II. ease of study, III. microscopic nature.
13 How many base pairs does a genome of sacchoromyces cerevisae contain?
14 Which of the following is the simplest eukaryotes?
15 __ is a common method in which molecules are separated based on the rate of their migration in an electric field.
16 __ is a molecular cloning that enables the determination of the nucleotide sequence of genes.
17 Which of the following molecular biology techniques allow individual DNA fragments to be propagated in bacteria and isolated in large amounts?
18 Which of the following molecular biology techniques enable the isolation and characterization of individual genes?
19 The term molecular biology was first used in the year __.
20 In which of the following fields is the knowledge of molecular biology being applied? I. Agriculture, II. Biotechnology, III. medicine.

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