TMA1/BIO301 – Genetics 2

TMA Quiz Questions
BIO301 – Genetics 2
Dr. Chukwu Maureen ( )
1 The following are the role of structural chromosomal aberration in plant breeding except:
2 The integratioh of a chromosome segment into a non homologous chromosome is called __.
3 The following are genetic consequencies of inversion except:
4 Which of the following types of chromosomal aberration involve two breaks followed by reunion of intestitialsegment in a reverse order?
5 Which of the following is not true of duplications?
6 The following are types of duplications except:
7 Who fiist reported deletion in Drosophila?
8 Which of the following is not true of deletions?
9 Cytogenetics is the study of study of __.
10 Which of the following best describe genetic grift?
11 What are viewed as major factors in the evolution of genetic complexity? I. genetic drift, II. mutation, III. selection
12 Who first demonstrated the power of selection due to ecological factors?
13 Who helped to bridge the division between the foundations of microevolution developed by the population geneticists and the patterns of macroevolution orserved by field biologists?
14 Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium refers to __.
15 Accordint to Hardy-Weinberg principles, the frequencies of alleles will remain constant in the absence of __. I. selection, II. mutation, III.genetic drift.
16 Natural selection will only cause evolution if :
17 The following are reasons for studying populations and gene frequencies except:
18 Who among the following was heavily influenced by the writings of Fisher?
19 Who applied statistical analysis to real-world examples of natural selection?
20 Which of the following is not true of a sexual population?
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