TMA1/BIO192 – General Biology Practical II

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=9.50
BIO192 – General Biology Practical II
Mr. Adams Abiodun ([email protected] )
1 Insects belong to the phylum
2 Which of the following is not a diagnostic feature of the archaebacteria?
3 The archaebacteria are non-pathogenic ————- that live in and around other organisms
4 Which of these is a form or shape of archaebacteria?
5 One of the following is not classified among the phyla of archae?
6 Based on their structure, archaebacteria has all of these organelles except
7 Based on their habitat, archaebacteria live in extreme environmental condition such as
8 Based on their habitat, archaebacteria is grouped into all of the following except
9 A “staphylo” bacteria have its cells arranged in ———– like grapes.
10 When stained with violet and red dye, gram-positive bacteria appear ———-
11 Gram-negative bacteria appear_________________ when stained with violet and red dye.
12 Based on their cabon and energy sources, eubacteria are
13 Eubacteria have prokaryotic chromosomes, which have circular DNA molecules called
14 Apart from the outer membrane, many eubacteria have yet another coating layer called a
15 Which of the following differentiates eubacteria from archaebacteria?
16 Angiosperms are referred to as ————– plants
17 Which of the following is not an adaptive feature of eubacteria?
18 One of the following is not a procedure to stain bacteria for examination with light microscope
19 The essence of staining is to help in
20 The ————- are the first group of eukaryotic organisms
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