TMA1/BIO191 – General Practical Biology I

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=8.50
BIO191 – General Practical Biology I
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 You keep the lab clean in order to
2 You do not smoke in the lab in order to avoid
3 You avoid making noise in the lab because
4 If you eat in the lab, you are likely to
5 Talking in the lab might
6 Why is wearing of short in the lab not advisable?
7 What is a lab coat?
8 Wearing of a lab coat is
9 You open up a rat with
10 Animals for dissection are held down on a board or tray with
11 Which of the following statements is incorrect about a microscope?
12 To maximize the light gathering ability of the microscope lens, you add______between the object and the coverglass
13 The essence of dissecting an animal or insect is
14 _________constitute the largest number of living vertebrates
15 Tilapia zilli belongs to the Order
16 When viewed from the side, the head of T.zilli is what shape?
17 In T.zilli the anal fin located————-
18 In the African toad, the snout of the head is ——————-
19 The African toad protects itself when handled by the production of which fluid……………
20 The male Agama agama is easily distinguished with its
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