TMA1/BIO101 – General Biology 1

TMA Quiz Questions
Matric Number: SCORE=9.00
BIO101 – General Biology 1
Mr. Adams Abiodun ( )
1 All living things can
2 Excretion in living things is resultant from
3 Which of the following is not a character of living things?
4 Growth in a multicellular organism
5 Growth in a unicellular organism
6 Every living cell is made up of
7 There are —– aspects of metabolism
8 Metabolism is
9 Metabolism is a process carried out by
10 The main reason for assimilation is to
11 Which of these statements is most correct?
12 The two kinds of living things are
13 The product of light energy is used as
14 Which of these energy sources is necessary for building complex nutritive substances?
15 Living things belong to
16 Living things feed for
17 In living things, new ones must be
18 In living things, one of these statements is correct
19 Living things does one of the following for survival
20 Which of these statements best describe a character of living things?
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  2. Good afternoon Paul.
    pls i need the answer for BFM 805 TMA 3 & 4 Corporate finance. Old course code is BHM 805 Coporate finance.
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