Study guide – Tips For Creating an Environment for Proper Concentration


Even the best of student struggles with lack of concentration during study. What most students don’t know is that the environments at which they study have a great effect on their concentration in what they are studying.

Studying at the right environment can be a confidence boaster, but when you study in a distracting environment, you find yourself getting tired after few minutes of study or studying for hours with little progress.

Today I am going to show you how to setup the best “study area”; one with little or no distracting elements around. With this setup, concentrating on your studies should be easier.

  1. Choose a good study spot

Make sure your study environment is proper, a quiet place is best.

Do not study near a TV, your pet or anything that can take your attention away from your study.

It is very important you get a proper chair and desk for your study area. Don’t site on your bed or on a comfort chair to study, they can easily make you to feel sleepy.

  1. Have everything you need to study nearby

Your pencil, pen, notebook, calculator and any other study materials should always be close to your study area. Even if you think you will not need it, you should still have it around your study area, there is nothing more stressful than having to go get something you think you will not need.

  1. Write down your study goals.

This is a very important part of your studies; you should write down what you aim to achieve after every study time, your study goal should be broken down to the most simple bit. For example, if you plan to read 200 pages a week, then you need to break it down to 20 pages daily.

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You should also make your study goals reasonable, don’t write down goals that will be too hard or maybe impossible for you to achieve.

  1. Your cellphone and other electronic devices should be turned off

You phone can be a very distraction during study; you might be tempted to play games on it, make calls or login to your social network accounts.

Don’t make the mistake of using your cellphone as a calculator; you will end up doing other things you did not plan to use it for during studies. Try to get a proper calculator.


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