Is Your Remitta Payment Not Reflecting In Your Portal? Follow These Simple Steps to Rectify the Problem

Many people have been complaining that they maid payment through Remitta but the money did not reflect in their portal.

Today we will some things we can try to rectify this problem, it is not a guarantee that is will work, but after trying this solution and your money is still not reflecting in your wallet, then you need to go and lay a formal complaint at the accountant’s office in your study centre.

The steps can be followed by people who paid online and at a bank. If you still don’t know how to load money into your E-wallet click Here.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

Go to (please don’t login to your portal just yet)

Step 2

At the menu select Check RRR

Step 3

In the page that opens you will be asked to CHECK REMITA PAYMENT STATUS, simply enter your RRR Number (please don’t put any dash or space between the RRR Numbers) and then choose your Transaction Type. Then you click Check.

You should get a success message, in case you did not get a success message you have to keep trying the above steps, sometimes it might take up to 48 hours before your payment is approved.

But if after two days payment was made either at the bank or online you still don’t get a success message from step 3 above, please go to the accountants office in your study centre so that he can confirm your Remitta Number

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But if step 3 was successful then continue with step 4

Step 4

Go to again, but this time you will click on Student Login and login to your portal using your Matric Number and Password

Step 5

After successful login click on Manage Wallet, there will be a drop down menu select Check Wallet Payment.

Step 6

In the page that opens enter your Matric Number and the RRR Number then click on Check Wallet Payment.

You should also get a success message again or you go to the accountant’s office in your study centre to complain.

But if you get a success message then all your problems are over you can go ahead to make your course or exam registration.

Please note that the money may not appear immediately at the corner where your wallet balance is displayed, but before you panic try to register your course or exam and you will see your main Wallet balance


I hope this was helpful, if you have any question you can leave it at the comment box bellow or send me a personal mail using the Contact Us page above.

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  1. Tried everything for my remita payment to reflect in my portal but I have not been successful. Reported to the accountant of my study center but she said there is nothing she can do about it. What is my fate?

  2. sir we have problem with mathematics courses in 2017 first semester. the problems are, what ever we solved we always score 4/10 both (Tma1,2,3,4). please sir what are we going to do? thanks for helping to solve our problems.

  3. Good morning sir, please sir i have a problem in which up still date my study center have not solve. i paid the money into the school portal but the money is not reflecting in my portal or my e-wallet since on 22/03/2017 still today. this morning i try login but saying i should renew my registration. please exam is fast coming i haven’t register for my courses and my exams because the money is not reflecting in my portal or e-wallet. please sir help and solve the problem. thanks

  4. Sir, I paid two days ago and it’s almost 48hours. Yet the payment is not reflecting on my wallet..

  5. please i made payment but its not reflecting in my portal, i have tried all the above listed method and still not working out. Has anyone been able to solve this, if yes please how.

  6. Please sir,i made payment but its not reflecting in my portal, i have tried all the above listed method and still not working out. Pls help me out cause I’m confessed

  7. wow, guys this simple steps work for me o! Mr. Paul White we all NOUN students’ owe you a thanks, you are a great man, you make this programme / studies easy for all of us for your continuous information and posted in this blog. God bless you.

  8. Am having issues with my remita number I paid with yesterday but when I went to print my receipt I was told that I haven’t paid when I checked the remita again it has been changed to another am confused right now and I can’t get access to print my school fee receipt please help me

  9. I paid postgraduate school fees for ABU but unfortunately i did not write the RRR number and am yet to received the invoice. please how can i get the RRR number and the invoice receipt. the transaction was successful i paid on line with my email [email protected]

  10. Good morning sir, please sir I want to do correction of Data in my jamb profile portal and the payment was not successful due to rrr not found so with the solution listed here, will it be activated and payment made successful??

  11. Pls when am I to get the receipt for payment of foundation …I paid on Friday with the remita I was given and when I checked today they’ve changed the remita again…pls hope there’s no problem

  12. This solution is it for all schools or only NOU becos my school is UNIPORT and we just started using this remita my payments did not reflect

  13. i paid school service for ssu sokoto 5915 for muhammed ango twices and is already paid and i have Been deBited how can i get my money Back the transaction is success [email protected]

  14. Pls. I follow all this steps but problem is after log in and enter my RRR into my wallet payment it is just saying rrr is not in the wallet payment so pls I don’t know what to do again

  15. Please I need help, I paid my registration fee to first bank and up till now I can’t complete my registration form, it keeps on saying that the money I paid have not reflected am really worried. Thank you

  16. morning…
    I mistakenly put a wrong email address while paying my school fee through the remitta and now I need my RRR to rectify an issue in the school …and no information about my payment is found .
    pls how can I get my RRR number

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