How to Register Your Courses on the New National Open University of Nigeria Portal –

For those who have been asking me to help them register their courses, here is a simple step that you can follow to register it by yourself.

Step 1

Login to your portal at

Step 2

After a successful Login, Click on Registration, there will be a drop down menu list, select Register Courses.

Step 3

On the page that opens select your current semester and the level you are currently on e.g Semester = First Semester 2017 and Level = 100 and then click on Submit Button

Step 4

There will be a message showing your current Wallet Balance, Matric Number and Name, Click on Proceed…

Step 5

Now you should be in the course registration page, there are three sections in this page

  1. COURSE REGISTERED EARLIER Section: Here you will see list of courses you have register before for the semester, please note that this section might not be available if you have not registered any course for the semester

  2. Register Courses Section: Here you will see all the courses you are to offer for year, note that is a combination of first and second semester courses, the compulsory courses are marked “C” and the Elective courses are Marked “E”.
    At the far left of each course you will see an Add Button click on it if you want to register the course. Immediately you click on the add button the course will be moved to the Selected Courses Section
  3. Selected Courses Section: all the courses you have selected by clicking on the Add button on the register courses section will be listed here. Total Credit Unit, Total Fee and Courses Count will also be shown to you for the courses you have added.

After you are done selecting your courses, click on the Submit Button under the Selected Courses section

Step 6

You should get a success message if everything went well and you will see a list of all the new courses you registered, you can click on the print button if you have a printer if not you can just close the page, and you can print later.


So that is it, I just you understand, if you have any questions you can leave them on the comment box bellow and I will try to attend to them as soon as possible.

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  1. pls i need to register 13 courses which is th total of. 27k and 13k for exams registration which suppose to be 40k and i have 52k in my portal and the portal is telling me insufficient fund Any help pls

  2. Thanks for these step by step process, however, I have not been able to proceed from clicking on d proceed button which is meant to take me to d registration page. Each time i click on proceed nothing happens, what do I do?

  3. Pls am unable to register my courses while I have enough in my e wallet yet it tells me insufficient fund,I have been to my study center same thing, pls help

  4. Pls Am unable to register my courses I paid 25k, how can I differentiate first semester from 2nd semester your response is vital. Meanwhile I dropped after first semester 2015 which semester will I register no?

  5. pls i have been trying to register my course also , but whenever i click on the proceed it does not display any further, how can you help me out.

  6. Please i have some money in my old portal but after changing to the new one my money has not been retrive back to my portal.pls help

  7. Tnks for d update, well done. Kudos to u all. Pls can we av list of the registerable courses for each department so as to no what to register for. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated

  8. Pls help I registered for 7courses and for me to register for exams and is showing me only 2 registered courses and my account have been deducted for the 7 registered courses.

  9. Sorry, when are we hoping this technical problem will be fixed by the University? I am being trying to register my courses for more than a week, but still having challenge when I click PROCEED. I think the University should do something fast especially with the exam timetable out.

  10. pls this is my last semester and I’ve 5units registered courses in the old portal but could not write the exam, now I’ve registered 22units courses and 16units for exam, can I still join it now

  11. I have already registered for courses and exam registration this semester, just this morning I tried to submit my tma’s and it’s showing I’m yet to register courses this semester. What can I do?

  12. I am in my fourth semester doing my MBA but I can’t see my registrable courses when I open the course registration.

  13. pls I have done all my registration and my admission letter has been giving to me, but I want to generate my remitter number to enable me register my course and pay all my bills via school fees and course registration

    1. plz how do you get you admission letter. i cant get mine now or is application form thesame with the admission letter

  14. pls am oba, am in 300 level i want to add more courses from 200 level to register along side with 300 level course, how do i go about it

  15. Pls Adam in 300 level 1st semester, i have undone courses in 200 level 2nd semester and a carryover course how do i find and register them?

      1. Please I mistakenly added my first semester course to my examination how do I change it to my second semester course

  16. Gudevening, pls is it possible to drop and add a compulsory course now that the registration portal has closed. Am a final year student and my last semester. I didn’t see that core course when I was registering. Thanks

  17. I didn’t see anything like course reg on my portal n registration is closing soon…. Any help?

  18. Hello, please have successfully completed my registrations but couldn’t print immediately, please how do I access the exam registration print page again?

  19. Good day Paul, Pls I have a Lil challenge here. I’m a new student and I’m trying to view the courses I’ve already registered but I don’t know how to go about it. Pls I’ll really need your help urgently. Thank you

  20. Pls in a situation whereby I did the first registration step to get the rrr number and u want to change the initial course u picked before completing the registration. Is it possible?

  21. hi gud day, i heard there are ways to register on credit from the portal, i will be glad to know such procedures

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