NOUN Law Graduates Sends 20-Point Petition to Nigeria Senate

Mr Carl Umegboro, Chairman of “NOUN Law Graduate Forum” stated on Wednesday that the forum has sent a 20-point petition to the Nigeria Senate over the exclusion of NOUN graduates to attend the Nigeria law school program.

He said this exclusion has subjected NOUN Law Graduates to trauma and that there is no legal backing for the injustice that is been done to them.

The tactical delay and trauma we have been subjected to without any legal impediments are not only act of wickedness but aberration and mockery to the legal justice system.

Mr Umegboro said the partition was submitted to Sen. Samuel Anyanwu, Chairman, Senate Committee on Ethics and Privilege

He went on to say that the Law materials which NOUN Law Undergraduate students use were written and edited by some of the best law practitioners and lecturers in Nigeria, and that materials used by NOUN is of same quality as those used by conventional university in Nigeria.

Emphatically, Open University law students are lectured by seasoned legal luminaries that are lecturers in conventional universities.

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