New Semester (2017_2) Registration

This is to welcome all returning students to the 2017_2 Semester

This is to welcome all returning students to the 2017_2 Semester. Please be informed that to commence operations on the portal for this semester you are required to register/sign-up on the portal.

You may click here to do so

Please note that the registration involves the following;

  1. Loading of e-wallet
  2. Semester Registration (N18,000) which kick starts other processes for the semester
  3. Course Registration: Please consult the List of Registrable courses available at
  4. Exam Registration: Required for TMAs and the forth-coming semester examinations.


Wishing you all the best in this semester

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  1. good day,please i am new into open university,iv gotten matric number,and have loaded my wallet,please my problem is it says 2017/2 semester and i am a new student will i start from second semester or start my own semester and also help me with the guide line on registration process especially on semester count please reply as soon as u can thanks

      1. i need past questions to these courses if you can help will be very glad ..thanks alot
        css 455….pcr 375…..

  2. I have paid for the semester registration fee from my wallet balance and later went ahead to fund my wallet to pay for course registration and exam registration. but after funding it i then checked and discovered that my course registration fee was already deducted after funding my wallet. now i am left with exam registration but cannot go ahead with it and cannot even register for my courses. EAch time it try to do it, it returns me back. Pls what do i do

  3. Hello,
    1. I just registered for this semester (PGD financial management), I hope its not too late?
    2. I had 4 pending courses in first semester I am yet to pass, I registered for them and 4 more courses in second semester. I hope that is allowed ?
    3. I can’t see the TMA on my student portal after registering for four courses, what could be the problem?

    Thanks. I await your response.

    1. please direct technical questions like this one to the staffs at your study center. they are the only once that can give you the best advice on what to do.

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