National Open University Exam Past Question – CIT478 October, 2013 Examination

National Open University of Nigeria CIT478 Artificial Intelligence

14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos.


School Of Science and Technology

October, 2013 Examination




Course Code:  CIT478                                   Course Title:  Artificial Intelligence


Course Unit:   2 Credits Unit                         Total mark is 100 and each question carries 25 marks. Answer any four (4) questions in 21/2 Hours.


1a .What is an Information System?                                                              (4 marks)

1b. List four (4) types of Information System                                               (12 marks)

1c. Mention three (3) AI systems that exist in some form today.                  (9 marks)



2a. Explain in your own words an Expert System?                                       (7 marks)

2b. List three (3) types of Expert Systems                                                     (9 marks)

2c. Enumerate three (3) disadvantages of an Expert system.                        (9 marks)



3a. Explain the term “Heuristic Search”                                                        (6 marks)

3 b. Identify any five domains of AI                                                              (10marks)

3c. Mention any three (3) applications of a Natural Language                      (9 marks)



4a. Explain the term “Inference Rules “                                                        (7 marks)

4b. Describe a Turing Test in Artificial Intelligence.                                    (10 marks)

4c. Enumerate four (4) features of Knowledge Representation Language    (8 marks)



5a. Explain the term “ ROBOTICS” and list its two (2) Components.         (8 marks)

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5b. List any four (4) types of Robots you know.                                           (8 marks)

5c. Enumerate three (3) areas where Robots can be used.                             (9 marks)


6a. Write short note on the following: (i)      Neural Networks

(ii)        Intelligent Agents

(iii)      Knowledge Base                                                                    (3 marks each)


6b. Explain what Artificial Intelligence system is                                         (7 marks)

6c. Identify three areas where LISP has been used.                                       (9 marks)

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