National Open University Exam Past Question – CIT 703 January Examination

NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA CIT 703 –  Information Technology and Software Development




CIT 703 –  Information Technology and Software Development


Instruction:                  Answer Any Five Questions


DATE:                          Tuesday 29th Jan


Time Allowed:              3 Hours




1a                    What are the two kinds of software production process models? State the difference between them.                                                                                            6 marks


  1. Write short notes on software process automation and programming.


6 marks


  1. What is prototyping?                                                                                    2 marks





2a.                     Explain what is meant by Entity-Relationship Modeling               4 marks



b..                     Describe the following terms


I           Entity and entity set


II          Relationship and relationship set                          4 marks


  1. Explain fully the constraints to which the contents of a database must conform.6 marks





3a.                   State seven guidelines for software documentation.                                      7 marks


  1. List five basic issues  that the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) should address.

7 marks




4a.                     What is a software process?                                                                         4 marks


  1. Distinguish between software process capability and software process performance.

4 marks


  1. In the past, processes, no matter how professionally executed, have been highly dependent on the individual developer. This can lead to three key problems. What are the problems?
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6 marks





5a.                 Define project specification.                                                                      3 marks b.                     State five places where to locate errors in a Project Specification. 5 marks

  1. State three benefits of written specification agreement.               6 marks




6a.                 Explain the UML concept.                                                                         3 marks b.                     Outline the four parts to the UML 2.x specification.                                 8 marks c. How are UML models  automatically transformed to other representations?

3 marks





7a.                     Explain the following terms:


  1. i. Transition network ii.         State

iii.        Transition                                                                                6 marks


  1. Describe the following:  Conditions, Actions and Events               6 marks


  1. What is a state transition diagram?                                                            2 marks

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