National Open University Exam Past Question – CIT 344 Jan 2013 Examination

NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA CIT 344 Introduction to Computer Design



Course Code: CIT 344 Time:   3hrs

Course Title:


Introduction to Computer Design


Course Credit Unit:3




Tuesday 29th Jan


Instruction: QUESTIONS


Answer any five (5) questions.


1a. Give the standard set-up for assembly language statements in a typical source file.

(8 marks)

1b. Name each of the fields in the statement you have provided.               (12 marks)

[Total =20 marks]

  1. If kfx contains 1000h and esi contains 4, specify the function of the following instructions:


  1. i. mov al,1000h[kfx][kfx*2]                                                                           (12 marks)


  1. ii. mov al,1000h[esi*8]                                                                                    (8 marks)

[Total =20 marks]

3a. Explain how sequential circuits are implemented, using a well-labelled block diagram to illustrate this.                                                                                                      (12 marks)

3b. Identify the difference between two (2) common types of sequential circuits. (8 marks)


[Total =20 marks]

4a. List and describe the three (3) main forms of flash memory operations.  (16 marks)


4b. Write down the instruction required to move data from one segment of a

register ‘ecx’ to another ‘edx’.                                                                             (4 marks)

[Total =20 marks]


  1. As a general rule, microprocessors implement programs. Identify and describe the internal components of a typical microprocessor.



  1. Briefly describe the following concepts in computer design:

[Total =20 marks]


i. Memory Read Operation )
ii. Data Signals )5 marks each
iii. Read/Write Signals )
iv. RAM )


[Total =20 marks]

  1. Following from your knowledge of computer design, specify any four (4) forms of

Notations that can be used to capture the behaviour of finite-state machines.




[Total =20 marks]

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