National Open University Exam Past Question – AEM510 October, 2013 Examination

NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA AEM510 Psychology For Extension Personnel

14/16, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island




Course Code :    AEM510


Course Title:      Psychology For Extension Personnel


Course Credit:    Credit unit: 2


Time allowed:      2hours


INSTRUCTIONS: Answer any four (4) questions. All questions carry equal marks.


  1. 1. (a) Differentiate between growth and developmen                                                (5marks) (b) Mention six fundamental principles of development.                                         (6marks) (c) List and describe three developmental trends as reported by psychologists. ( 9marks) (d) Enumerate five stages of psychosexual development.                                        (5marks)



  1. 2. (a) Define the term intellig                                                                                    (2marks) (b) Identify and discuss five factors affecting the development of intelligence

of extension personnel.                                                                                            (12.5marks)

(c) List and explain three factors that cause individual differences in extension

personnel.                                                                                                                     (10.5marks)



  1. 3. (a) What is teaching ?                                                                                                       (5marks) (b) For teaching to be effective in extension, it must contain some elements or

attributes. Mention ten (10) elements of good teaching in extension.            (10marks)

(c) List and describe three (3) basic elements necessary for effective learning.   (6marks) (d)State four (4) forms of learning as identified and prescribed by psychologists

for extension personnel.                                                                                            (4marks)

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  1. 4. (a) What is theory of learning?                                                                                       (5marks) (b) State five (5) Importance of theo                                                                        (5marks) (c) List and describe three (3) characteristics of a theory.                                         (7.5marks) (d) Define and list five forms of transfer of learning.                                                 (7.5marks)



  1. 5. (a) State and discuss eight (8) factors affecting learning.                                          (20marks) (b) Explain the concept of motivation.                                                                          (5marks)



  1. 6. (a) Describe five (5) factors on how extension personnel can utilize the

knowledge of motivation to assist farmers improve their farm productivity.  (15marks) (b) Define the term emotion.                                                                                          (2marks) (c) Identify and discuss four (4) effects of emotions.                                                 (8marks)

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