National Open University Exam Past Question – AEM 502 October, 2013 Examination

NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA AEM 502 Agricultural Extension and Management

14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way, V/I, Lagos


School of Science & Technology

October, 2013 Examination


Programme: Agricultural Extension and Management


Course Code: AEM 502


Course Title: Extension Organisation, Management and Supervision


Credit Unit: 3


Total Score: 100 Marks


Time Allowed: 3 Hours


Instruction: Answer Five (5) questions out of Seven (7) questions.



  1. 1. (a) Enumerate the various techniques used for the appraisal in extension organization. (b)The performance appraisal, which aims at facilitating employee development, has four

major purposes. Enumerate them.



  1. 2. (a) The purpose of staffing is based on two principle State them.


(b)  List in sequential order the steps in staff recruitment in extension organization.



  1. 3. (a) Define the principles of management? (b) Why are principles necessary?


  1. 4. (a) Briefly explain the principle of Espirit de Corp (b) Outline ten (10) principles of management.


  1. 5. (a) List the major approaches to training.


(b) Highlight the varieties of training methods available to a trainer in Agricultural Extension.



  1. 6. (a) What is the difference between a job description and key performance area? (b) Outline the core extension personnel of developing countri
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  1. 7. (a) What is a theory?


(b) Enumerate the five major purposes of theories used in Agricultural extension


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