Must Read – 8 Kinds Of Women Men Don’t Want To Get Married To

Some women are attracted to “bad boys,” and at times men are attracted to the women who can be bad for them, as well. We may not call them “bad women” but we should.  As serious a commitment as marriage is, some people want to ignore the red flags and stay blinded by lust. You need to marry the best match for you. This should be a woman who will always “have your back” and that you can count on in good times and in bad.

Men, with that in mind, here are the eight kinds of women that you should definitely not marry

  1. The Flirty Woman

Are you attracted to that woman that always seems to flirt with one person or another? She flirts like a butterfly from one man to another and makes all men feel like she is interested in them. Well, beware, because a habit like that might be hard to break after marriage and you would not want to start hearing that your wife has had flirty conversations with all the men in the neighborhood.

  1. The control freak

She’s domineering and bossy. She makes all the decisions and beats you down when you try to assert yourself. She decides where you go on dates and who you go with. She may be isolating you from your regular friends. You are starting to become her lap dog. You may even begin to wonder if it matters that you exist in the relationship, as you have no voice. Your friends are definitely noticing. They are losing respect for you and see you as spineless.  It is time to take back your self-respect and leave this woman!

  1. The Bitter Woman

You know that woman that always seems to be angry at the menfolk all the time? Perhaps she has had her heart broken one too many times, but this woman is always bashing on men and talking about how they are no-good or useless. A man might not want to settle down with someone so bitter as it is guaranteed that when the opportunity arises, she would hurl hurtful insults and intense, hateful words his way due to all her unresolved anger.

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  1. Man molder

A girl who sets out to change her man is doomed to fail at her task. Many women think they can change a man for the better, but he just doesn’t want to be changed. You can get away with so much like getting to smarten up a bit, but try and change his friends or his hobbies, and the wedding will definitely be off.

  1. The needy one

She is a bottomless well of needs. Clingy, clingy, clingy. You must constantly reassure her of your love, and that everything in the relationship is okay. She wanted to get married from date three and believes you are her “soul mate.”  If you call and don’t answer or respond to texts instantly, she is in a panic. Forget about any “boy’s night out.” She will sulk and cry. Your phone will be blowing up all evening. There is no way for you ever to make this person feel secure and you may die trying to.

  1. The Party Freak

She is invited to every party and attends them all. She is always dressed in the flashiest clothes and is the ultimate party girl. She lives for the next big gathering and cannot say no to an invitation. Such woman might not be the type to settle down in a marriage.

  1. The Selfish Woman

If you want a happy home and a partner that wants your happiness as well as hers, then you should steer clear of the selfish woman. A woman who is determined to make sure she always comes first would not be able to build a cheerful and loving home with you.

  1. The Disrespectful Woman

If she seems to always be disrespectful and rude (even if it is to people she considers beneath her standards) then you need to think twice about marrying her. Respect for a fellow human being is a very important attribute in who we choose to spend the rest of our lives with so it is definitely not something that should be taken lightly.

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