Study Guide – Making the Best Out of Your Study Time

There is an old adage which says that if you don’t plan to succeed then you plan to fail; this adage can be applied in your studies too. If you don’t plan to make the best out of the limited time you have for studies and put all available resources to work for you and your studies, you will probably see little or no improvement in your grads.

Knowing the right time to study for your exams is as important as reading the right books, having a well-organized reading schedule can go a long way to improve your studies skills and in turn improve your grads.

For any student, I think the first thing they need to do is to make a well-organized schedules, not just for study but also for every other activities for the day, pick the best time for study, if you are someone who works at in the day then you can either set study time for night or early in the morning.

If you are someone who doesn’t go to work at weekends, then you can put in more study time for weekends instead of using the weekend for non-productive activities.

the truth is that there is no one single best study time for everyone, that is because we all have non-educational activities lined up for us every day.

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In a school like National Open University of Nigeria for example, we have students who are pregnant, nursing mothers, business men/women, working class people and many others, so our study time may vary but the most important thing is to know what time works best for you can keep to it.

The only way to truly know the best study time for you is to experiment on reading at different time of the day and also at different locations.

Another important thing is our reading location, if we read in a noisy area with a lot of distracting things around we may end up reading all day with no meaningful progress, always read in a quiet place, and make sure your phone and TV sets are turned off.

You can time yourself while reading but try not to look at the time regularly, it can be very distracting and always stirring at the time makes you lose interest in what you are reading and it also makes you get tired quick.

Always remember that all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy, so fine time too for fun activities; go to movies, spend time with family and friends, play sport or any other thing that gets you relaxed and always get a lot of sleep, it helps you to focus your state of mind and also clear your head for your next study time.

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You can never know until you try, why not start today and see yourself improve academically.


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