Important Update – All National Open University of Nigeria Students Are Required To Renew their Registration on the Portal

Yesterday morning I tried to login to my NOUN portal only to get a message telling me that “Please renew your registration on the portal”, initially I thought maybe the problem was just on my portal alone. Then, I thought I should call some off my course mates to know if they are also getting the same message, and to my surprise it was a general problem.

So, all NOUN students are required to renew their registration on the new portal, I have gone to the registration page and the only new thing I saw there was that they add a field where students will select their State of Origin.

I mean, if they want our state of origin, can’t they just maybe give us a link where we can submit that. Why must we go through the whole registration process again?

Well I have not “renewed” my registration yet; I would probably post a tutorial about that for the not so techy students, so expect a tutorial on renewal of registration soon.

The truth is that this renewal did not catch me by surprise. With all the regular maintenance, and the irregular and unreliable behaviors of the new portal. I was expecting this to happen, it just did not happen as soon as I thought.

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What the school management did last semester was like a man who picked up a fight with is current Landlord just because he has bought a piece of empty land somewhere, knowing truly well that the landlord will evict him. He should have calculated the damages that having himself, his family and their properties outside without any house will cause to him and his family.

After the school decided they were going to stop using the people who were helping them maintain their former portal, what I expected them to do is to keep using the old engineers, while they find new engineers to help build the new portal to a standard level before asking student to migrate to the new portal. Any way sha, that one is just my own opinion.

I would sincerely advise all NOUN students to cooperate with the school management and do as asked, we all know no man or organization is perfect, my only prayer is that they rectify this problem before we start this semester’s examinations, so that what happened last semester will not repeat itself. Walahi, last semester examinations was not funny at all.

Please tell us what you think about the recent development using the comment box bellow.

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  1. I’m still not impressed that this NOUN site is not mobile friendly. Most students including me will appreciate it that way and will save them a lot of money.

  2. Well, I have to withdraw my earlier comment on thenNOUN portal. I’m now able to log in with my tab. Good job. More still needed.

  3. Pls sir I paid to the bank since on the 21st of April 2017 but it has not dropped into my wallet up till now,what shod I do?

  4. i am a returning student i was unable to login into the student portal and i did the registration

  5. pls i really need help i have not been able to log in to my portal to submit my tma and exams will commence soon,what should i do?

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