How to Choose the Right University for You

Yehh!!!! You have finished Secondary School (High School) and now you want to select a university were you will continue your know ledge acquisition adventure. To some student, picking the right university can be both scary and confusing.

There are few key things that students and even parents need to consider when picking a university. For it not to be confusing, when picking a university you should consider these key questions; what course do I want to study? What is the ranking of the university? What is the cost of tuition? And what is the cultures/believes of the people who live where the school is located. We are going to consider these questions briefly.

  • What Course Do I Want To Study?

Before picking a university, you must first of all consider the course you want to study. According to a recent survey carried out in the United Kingdom (UK), 44% of students regret their choice of course after they have finished university.

From the statistics above, you will know that it is very important to ponder over the course you want to study very carefully; except you want to be among the 44% above.

  • What Is The Ranking Of The School?

So there is this university that is ranking number one in your country and you thing that is the best university for you. Well, think again.

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In the UK Oxford and Cambridge University are ranked as the best universities but Sussex University has a world-leading Chemistry Department and Edinburg University is brilliant for linguistics. So if you are a student who want to study Chemistry or Linguistics, which of the above mentioned universities will you choose?

Simply put, when choosing a university, be sure it is not just the best ranked generally but the best ranked in your choice of course.

  • What Is The Cost Of Tuition?

A survey carried out in Nigeria shows that 60% of student that dropout of university was because they don’t have enough money to continue.

So if the best university is too expensive for you, then go for the second, third or even forth best. It is better you attend a leaser university and finish than attend the best in the world and drop half way.

  • What Are The Cultures/Believes Of The People Who Live Where The School Is Located?

You should try to know if the people are friendly to visitors or if they consider visitors as intruders. Do they discriminate against your language, religion or race?

Remember, you will be spending the next 4 to 7 years of your life there; it is good to know if your life and property will be save.

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