The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Sharing Photos Online

Before the invention of the internet in the early 90s the only way to share photos with family and friends was through postcards, but today millions of photos are shared daily through the various photo sharing websites like Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

Today we are going to see some of the good, the bad and the ugly side of sharing photos online and how the photo you share online can affect you and the people that see them.

The Good

The use of postcards and email to share photo was very direct, only the people you send them to can see them and they can take some time before the photos get to the people you sent them to

Sharing photo online is very fast and it appears on the wall of you family and friends almost as soon as you upload them. It gives you the opportunity to share photos with people while you’re still excited and in the moment.

Sharing of photos online is more convenient. It is easy to go through photos of your family and friends online than any other means and the photo you share online hardly get destroyed.

Keeping in touch with family and friends was made easy with the invention of online photo sharing networks. Sometimes it feels as if you see some of your family members who leave very far away every day because they constantly share photos of themselves online.

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The Bad

Sharing photos online can make you waste precious time that you should have used for other productive things. Some people are so addicted to photo sharing that they can spend over 6 to 10 hours daily uploading and looking at photos online.

Photo sharing online exposes people (especially young children) to offensive and illicit contents. Some people share photo online without any shame. You can just stumble on a naked photo of them online while trying to look at the photos of your friends or family.

Some people share photo online without thinking of the effect it may have on other people. While scrolling through the pages of your social network you could just stumble upon photos of dead people, a bloody accident or a scene where terrorists are in the act of killing people.

The ugly

Some criminals can monitor your movement using the photos you share online. For example, there was a report on a website known as digital trends that some burglars broke into 18 homes and made away with properties worth over $100,000 (US). How did they know no one will be at home?  They simply monitored the families through the photos they share online.

A family was kidnaped in the USA when they went on vacation without telling anyone where they were going to. How did the kidnappers know where to find them you may ask? They used the geotaging on the photos they uploaded online during the vacation to track their location.

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A girl was brutally raped and killed in Nigeria by unknown men. When her sister was asked what she knows about the incident, she said that her sister left Kogi State to Lagos State to meet someone who claimed he likes are and want to marry her after seeing her photos online


We have to be careful and wise when we share photos of our self, friends and family online because we may never know who is looking at them.

Many of the photo sharing platforms has provided some protection measures to restrict the kind of people that view the photos we share online, we can take advantage of such measures.

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