Here Are Some Damages Cigarette Smoking Does To The Body

It is said that over 480,000 people die annually from cigarette smoking but how this deaths occur is the puzzling question to some.

No matter the method you use to smoke it, cigarette smoking is bad for your health. It is said that there is no good substance in any tobacco neither is there any safe method of taking it; be it smoking, eating or sniffing tobacco.

Smoking damages your health and there is no doubt about that. While these damages might take years to start taking effect some of the bodily damages are seen almost immediately after you start smoking. Today we are going to consider some of the damages cigarette smoking does to your body.

Please note: you don’t need to be a smoker for cigarette smoke to kill you. The secondary smoke that a smoker releases to the environment is also as dangerous as the one they drag from the cigarette. So if you are constantly around smokers, you too are also in risk of the bellow listed damages.

  1. Cigarette Smoking damages your Lungs

When you make cigarette smoking a habit, one of the long time effect is that it damages your lungs. The lungs are the organs in the body which is used for breathing.

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The lungs are among the respiratory system in your body and constant smoking can cause chronic nonreversible lung conditions such as:

  • Emphysem: the destruction of the air sac in your lung
  • Chronic Bronchites: permanent inflammation of the lung
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Lung cancer
  1. Cigarette smoking damages your Cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is the system in the body that helps in the circulation of blood all over the body. Nicotine, one of the substances in tobacco can damage the whole cardiovascular system in your body. Nicotine can restrict the flow of blood in your body by causing blood vessels (the road were blood pass) to be tight thereby not giving the blood enough road to pass through.

Cigarette smoking also raises your blood pressure and it increases blood clots (i.e. your blood becomes very thick that it can’t flow easily). High blood pressure and clotting increases your chances of having stroke.

  1. Digestive system

The digestive system is what helps you to breakdown the food that you eat to substance that your body can use. Smoking increases cancer of the mouth, larynx, throat and esophagus.

Smoking put you at risk of Type Two Diabetes. Smoking attacks the insulin in your body thereby making your body to develop insulin resistance. When your body starts resisting insulin, you are at the risk of getting Type Two Diabetes.

  1. Cigarette smoking reduces your chances of giving birth

Nicotine in cigarette reduces the flow of blood to the se’x organ in both men and women.

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In men, when the blood flowing to the penis is low it can lead to weak erection which can result to decrease se’xual performance.

In women, when enough blood is not flowing to the vagina during s’ex, it can result to little or no vaginal lubrication during s’ex which will makes the act to be painful and unsatisfactory.

Smoking may also lower se’x hormone levels in both men and women. This can possibly lead to decreased se’xual desire.


Quitting smoking is a very hard thing to do but many addicted smokers have successfully quit smoking and their lives are better for it.

You can see a doctor for help and advice on how to stop and also talk to your family and friends who don’t smoke to offer their help too.

Remember, smokers are liable to die young. You can live a long, fulfilled and enjoyable life if only you quit smoking today.

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