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Hello guys, it me again, Paul White. The result was finally released about two weeks ago and many students are complaining that they don’t know how to check their result. So today we are going to learn how to check our results on the new NOUN Portal, am also going to explain the result page so that you will know what all the features that are provided in the result page mean.

Am going to try and make this as simple as possible but if there is any part you don’t understand you can leave your questions on the comment box and I will get back to you ASAP.

Let’s get started.

Step 1

You have to visit the NOUN website i.e. You can do this using your smart phone or laptop. I would recommend you us Google chrome internet browser and a very fast internet connection.

After the website opens up you should click on “Student Login” button.

Step 2

After the student login page opens, you have to enter your Matric Number and Password so that you will be logged in to you personal portal. If you don’t have the password yet please visit the ICT Department of your Study Centre so that they can create one for you.

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After a successful login click on the “Courses” button at the top of the page and a drop down menu list will come up.

Select “Result” from the menu list so that you will be taken to your personal result page

Understanding the result page

  • At the left hand corner you will see your CGPA, it has been calculated for you so you don’t need to do the calculation yourself.
  • Moving down a little bit you will see your Grade Statistics, it shows you how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s and F’s you have gotten throughout your studies in the school.
  • At the right hand corner you will see your “Academic Performance Report” which is divided into two.
    1. Statement of Result – it shows you the entire course you have ever taken in NOUN and your grades on them, the courses are arranged alphabetically.
    2. Performance timeline – here you will find all the courses you have ever taken in NOUN but this time they are divided into semesters, which means it shows you academic performance from your first semester exam till the last semester exam you took.

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  1. Good evening ladies and gentlemen online. Please kindly put me through on how I can personally solve my TMA questions by myself. Thanks for your quick response. God bless you all.

        1. right now we don’t allow download, but you can access thousands of Past questions for free on this website. simply use the search button at the top of the site to search for you course code.

  2. I can’t still check my results, it keeps telling me,username and password incorrect. I used my matric number and password to login

  3. Pls do i need a different password from the one I have been using with my matric number all these while

    1. Hi, Nkiru I was having the same problem and went to the school and was given a new password with the old matric No.
      Find time and go to the school, if not, you can not access the portal.

  4. Good morning sir, please I need a clerification on CGPA calculation. Courses registered both under Course and Exam registration which the Exam has not been written, in calculating the CGPA does the Credit units of the unwritten Exam apply.

  5. Pls what z d new portal to check result? Because I HV been trying but it’s not working, can someone tell me d new portal

  6. A student of postgraduate Diploma in Education, I cannot login up till now. What do I do?

  7. I finding it difficult 2 do my TMA cos d site is not opening and I am new in the system. please what can I do.

  8. I can’t log in my portal telling me incorrect password and user name and i need to submit my tma i need ur assistance

  9. hi i change my course from environmental health to environmental science and resource management but my result is still reading environmental health. please what is the way out

  10. Bitrus usman. iam still waiting for TMA which is yet to be sent to me, while others are almost through. i want to the problem sir.

  11. I checked my result and I found out that my result are not complete and they added one course I didn’t register for nd grade it with F. Am confuse here

  12. How do I get my withheld results from this new website? My 6 courses have been withheld since 2015/16. And this courses would help improve my grades, but unfortunately this is not to be.

  13. I m still confused. i didn’t see my first semeter results. I meant all of them in this new portal. Pls help me out

  14. I have done that by visiting the study centre upto six times but they didn’t give me concrete answer and solutions to My problem

  15. pls,d site z denying access 2 student 2 submit tma demselves.Is it dat my fone z slow or wat?help!

  16. Please i am having difficulty login into my portal, I have renewed my registration last week and when I tried login I received the general message that I should renew my registration. Please how do i do now? does that mean I have to renew my registration again?

        1. please what is the total unity i must obtain for direct entry student? i am accounting student 400l i have submitted my project but yet my name has not come out for graduation . please what should i do?

  17. I try to open the new website for the submission of my tma but is not responding. pls help me out

  18. I can’t access my portal to submit my TMA. What keep appearing is: “Error1005…..the ownner of this website has banned the autonomous system number…”
    I don’t know what to do now.

  19. I can’t access my portal to submit my TMA. What keep appearing is: “Error1005…..the ownner of this website has banned the autonomous system number…”
    Though Iam using handset,MTN network. I need more help,pls someone.

  20. I failed a course and I have registered it for the second time. I have written the exam still the result is not reflecting in my result. Not even pending or failed. What will I do.

  21. I logged in recently to my portal and i found all the exams which i have taken so far and likewise the statement there, nut to my surprise, when i logged in today i discovered everything is blank but i saw at the CGPA: O ( 1st Class) .Please i really don’t understand this.


  23. pls i checked my previous result an 2 courses that i wrote the exams but in the result table it was not recorded what will i do about it?

  24. Kindly direct me on how to check and print out result, not the current sessions (i.e. 2012 – 2015). urgent pls.

  25. good day pls after i registered my portal i have been trying to login my portal but its saying incorrect password or username..i had to meet the ICT MAN to change my password after changin it i still cant login my portal.i dont know why plaese help me

  26. good day pls after i registered my portal i have been trying to login my portal but its saying incorrect password or username..i had to meet the ICT MAN to change my password after changin it i still cant login my portal.i dont know why plaese help me

  27. Dear Mr White,
    I’ve paid my fees since Friday but the payment is not reflecting in my wallet. What can I do?

  28. On my Noun portal, when I click on view result…. It will show you are on mobile network, download, when I click on it…. It is not downloading, what dovi do to enable access my result through my phone

  29. Hi, since November last year i have not seen my project score ,and others are graduating ,wrote all kinds of letter countless time and nothing has been done about it, am no more happy about it because i have done my own part,the school part should also be fulfilled,i need my certificate, my sisters own is now two years,something should be done.

  30. Dear Paul,
    Please I can’t log in to check my results. Each time I make attempt, It gives error messages “invalid password or username or you have not registered for the semester” but each time I tried to register it keeps telling me that that matric was registered earlier.
    Kindly advise and assist.

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