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About NOUN Site

Hello, welcome to nounsite.com, this blog was created to help student of NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria) with the various issues that are associated with studying.

We bring you past and present TMA questions, past exam question, latest news that will be helpful to a NOUN student, Articles that will help boast your academic mural and many more useful tips and tutorial for NOUN students.

You may ask what motivated me to create this blog (nounsite.com)? Well, am a student of NOUN and I know the various challenges that is associated with schooling in NOUN, most of the times it is very hard to get useful information and/or help, that is why nounsite.com is committed to bringing you most accurate information about National Open University of Nigeria.

Another thing that motivated me into creating this website is the difficulty in organizing your academic life, finding help to solve TMA question and locating past examination question. That is why we are dedicated to bringing you TMA question (sometimes with solutions), past exam questions and tips/tutorials which will help to build you academic mural and also making you academic work as easy as possible.

At this point, let me introduce myself. Many people call me different names but you can call me Paul White, am a young Nigerian and am a student of National Open University of Nigeria and I love my school a lot. I also love to blogging and creating websites, even if for now this is just a hobby, I want to make it professional someday.

This blog was launched on the first day of June, 2016. It was created with the intension of helping you graduate with flaying colors from National Open University of Nigeria and the tips in this blog can also be applied to student of other universities.


Signed, Paul White

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