At examination centers of National Open University of Nigeria, you will see students doing all kind of things just to do well in their exams, I have compiled a list of the kind of people I have met at my own study center,  you can share your own experience using the comment box.

Disclaimer – This list is not for the purpose of making fun of anyone, it’s just for fun.

Let’s get started.

  1. The Late comers

I don’t even know what to write about these guys, they will come for a 12:00pm exam by 2:00pm. They have Master Degree in coming up with excuses for their late coming. They are always funny and can talk their way out of any situation.

  1. the Straight into exam hall people

These guys don’t take leave from work during examinations; most times they are business men/women. They are always in an hurry to leave the exam hall so that they can get back to what they were doing before the time for exam meet them.

One thing I like about them is that as long as they don’t Carry Over the courses they are happy with whatever they get after the exam.

  1. The Pregnant women and nursing mother

These guys are like the bosses of exams in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), they are allowed to go into exam halls with a helper (mostly one of their friends, a maid or their Mother-In-Law) to help with their baby or to help them carry their bags.

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Don’t ever pray to site next to one of them because you might end up doing their exam for them  lol!

  1. The computer illiterates.

These guys don’t know jack about computers, not even how to move their mouse – and they are university student.

They can call the ICT officer like 50 times in just one exam and they will be asking for help on the same issue, sometimes I wonder if they ever get to finally finish their exam.

  1. The serious students.

I admire this guys a lot, I always want to be like them. They can come to exam center by 7:00am for a 2:00pm exam and they will read nonstop till their exam start. sometimes I wonder if that is how they read at home.

You will always see them in the library or lonely conners, they can cram the whole study material on the exam day.

  1. The TMA readers

These guys believe that if they can cram the whole TMA 1 to 4 Questions and Answers for a course they will surely pass the exam, sometimes they will score 3/10 in their TMA and they will still be cramming the same TMA answers – well, may God be with them course anything can happen.

  1. The rich kids.

These guys will have all the books and study materials but they will never study for exam, you will know them by their expensive cares and well-tailored cloths.

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Their joints are at the cafeteria or the cool food joint close to the exam center, they are always eating something and the fine girls are always around them. they will never give you face but be expecting you to help them in the examination hall.

  1. Those that wait for others to go and write first.

They are mostly 100 and 200 level students, we all know that computers that will be used to write the exams are never enough so everyone cant write exams the same time, so they will wait for you to go in first and finish write your own exams then they will be asking you which questions came out.

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  1. Lol….Nice one boss… We really appreciate you. And all of these is true??? thanks alot and may God continue to bless you richly.

  2. I have question to ask. Pls guys I need help, My last exam was 200lv second semester I am in Masscom dept. I missed the exam and I already did the TMa but am supposed to be in 300lvl. Can I register as the 300lvl first semester and add the 200 2nd semester to it? Pls any idea? Because I didn’t write any of them.

  3. Hello Admin,
    Good Morning.

    Please kindly advice

    I was scheduled to take my final semester exams in the current ongoing exam.

    Unfortunately, I missed TWO paper yesterday which was the first day of exam.

    I only have SEVEN papers which means there is still FIVE more to go minus PROJECT.

    I am considering TWO options

    1. Avoid all the exams and do them next semester
    This will allow me be in better shape for the final lap.

    2. Continue with the remaining FIVE papers and rewrite the missed papers next semester
    This will definitely not be easy for me considering the current state of my mind.

    Please kindly orientate me on the implication of these TWO options and the necessary steps to take in working on them.

    You can also help if there is a third or fourth option.

    Please I need your reply ASAP because my next paper is on Friday if i choose to go ahead.

    Many thanks in anticipation.


  4. Pls sir I want to know more about the school like exam duration, school fees,when they study,many questions to ask pls I have phone number to call.pls I need help. thanks

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