7 Relationship Tips: How To Keep The Fire Burning In Your Relationship

When you first meet your significant other it was all beautiful and exciting. The love between you two was so intense and it was like you were made for each other.

But after a long period of time together, doing the same thing over and over again with the same person, you will start feeling like the fire that was intense initially is now dying out; It not that you stop loving the person, but the relationship just became boring and unenjoyably.

Well, fear not, it happens to many relationships even some of the once you think are the most perfect relationship have going through these at some point, but the point is that they came out of it and your relationship to can come out of it too if you apply some of the steps listed here.

  1. Understand that no one is perfect

Over the long period of time that you have been together, you must have noticed some few habits or behavior in your mate that you don’t like, most times, you don’t see them at the beginning of the relationship.

Well you should know that no one is perfect and we all have our bad habits, if you can adjust to your partner’s bad habit or overlook them, then do so. But if you can’t then you should talk to your partner in a polite way about it and you two can work things out or find a middle ground.

  1. Forgive all the little things

Do you have a book were you list and store the mistakes of your partner? This can be like a mental book, you are always waiting for the right time to use your partner’s mistake against him/her or waiting for your partners “cup to full” as some will put it.

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Well, for your information, the cup will be full one day and it is going to pure all over you relationship and then you are going to regret losing that wonderful person you have just because of some little mistake. The faster you learn how to forgive the little mistakes, the longer and healthier your relationship will be.

  1. Do something new

Have you and your partner always go to the same restaurant? Or always watch movies at home or at the same cinema or take trips to the same location during holidays? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you relationship can be in a big danger. Doing the same thing over and over again can make your relationship boring, monotonous and predictable.

Go out to a new restaurant and try out new foods, take trips to new location and always try out new things. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, just move out your comfort zone and look for new comfort zones and you will see the fun coming back to your relationship

  1. Say what you want

When we have been with someone for so long, it is natural to getting the feeling that the person should understand you by now and know what you want or don’t want without you saying it.

This can be very dangerous to your relation because it will create unmeet expectations in your relationship and therefor making you feel that your partner does not care about you or your feeling.

When you want things that your partner is not giving to you, instead of assuming that they should know, take time to talk to your partner about it, most times they don’t know they are not doing things the way you want.

  1. Constantly give gifts

Gifts are like fuel of happiness in a relationship, when you give a person gift; you give them the impression that they are special to you.

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Your gift giving should not be only on special occasions, it don’t have to be an expensive item. When you give a simple item on a day that your partner is not expecting anything from you can create a lot love and emotion.

  1. Talk to each other

A good talk can heal any injury in a relationship. Find time to talk about things with your partner, ask your partner questions about his/her self and most of all listen to their answers and try to understand them when they talk to you.

When I say “talk to each other” I meant a good old face to face talk and not over text, chat online or video call, when you use electronics to communicate with your partner it create a big distance in your relationship. There is nothing as good as looking at your partner in the eyes when you talk to them or when you are listening to them.

  1. Make future plans together.

No, I am not talking about wedding plans alone but it can be included. Simple future plans like what you two will do in the next weekend or planning for the oncoming holidays can make a big difference, talking about what you will do in the near future together can make you two feel like you are carrying each other along in the relationship.

When you make plans together try to put the opinions of your partner into considerations and you should only do things that the two of you will enjoy and that will create good memories in your relationship.

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