6 Places to Meet New Friends in National Open University of Nigeria

Some NOUN Student don’t even know any of their course mate, either from their study center or from other study centers around Nigeria which is actually a very bad thing, because there are many benefits in getting to know your course mates.

One of this benefit is that, sometimes you might be facing some difficult situations or you may want some information about NOUN, instead of taking the long journey to your study centers you can simply call your friends who sometimes are your course mate and they will offer their help if they can.

Another advantage of knowing your course mate or other people who school at NOUN is that it gives you a sense of “I am not alone in this” feeling, sometimes you might be passing through some difficult academic situations but knowing that other students are also passing through the same situations as you will give you the strength to carry on and do better academically – am talking from experience here.

So here is a list if tricks that I used to meet my fellow students of National Open University of Nigeria and sometimes even make friends. I have used them to make friends with people from many states in Nigeria and even from the state I current leave in. I have made friends from my department and also from other departments. So let’s get started.

  1. During Orientation and matriculation

This is actually the best opportunity you have to meet some student of NOUN who leaves in the same state and maybe same Local Government Area as you, after the matriculation and orientation programs instead of just rushing home you can stay back and interact with other students and maybe exchange phone numbers with the once you like.

  1. During social events organized for NOUN student.

There are a lot of social events organized by NOUN Management and some fellow NOUN students. For example, after matriculation and orientation parties, get together, end of your parties, award given events, Study center parties, Mr and Mrs NOUN Awards, special lectures and talks organized by the School Management and so much more. You can visit your Study center to know if anyone of such events will be holding soon, most of the times flyers and posters are given out to invite students at the study center.

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  1. From Facebook groups.

You can join Facebook groups specially created for NOUN students, there are hundreds of them on Facebook, and some are created for just a particular department, faculty, study centers, or state. You can search for “National Open University of Nigeria” using the search option on your Facebook account and then request to join any one that you like.

If you find someone interesting in the group you can simply start a private chart with them or send them a friend request.

  1. From tutorial centers and study groups.

Tutorial centers are usually organized by private individuals who organize study lectures for student base on the content of the Study material provided by the school management for a particular course.

After the lectures/Tutorials, you can meet with students who are offering same course as you at the tutorial center.

You can also go to your study center and request to know if there are any study group around that you can join.

  1. During examination

During examination is another avenue to make friends with fellow students from NOUN, since there will be hundreds of NOUN students who will be using the same examination center as you, you can exchange phone numbers with a few of them and may be also exchange Whatsapp numbers since it is one of the most used means of communication this days.

  1. Join Whatsapp groups

You can ask the friends you already have if they are members of any Whatsapp group for NOUN students, you can ask them to send your Whatsapp Number to the admins of the groups so that they can add you to the group.

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Always be careful on the kind of friends you meet, especially online and this post is not all about teaching you about how to meet your next boyfriend/girlfriend, it is meant to teach you about ways that you can meet people who will be useful to you academically. Good luck making new friends.


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